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Hype Motorsports Management

A full-service motorsports management firm steeped in decades of experience in every venue of racing.  We offer unprecedented, personalized driver management programs to ensure our clients excel in their current series and maximize on their potential to achieve goals as the future unfolds.


Budgets are a consideration for every driver in every field.  We customize plans to extract the best result from your available resources.  We help you understand sponsorships and how to achieve partnerships by aligning and negotiating with business owners for a mutually successful venture.


Racing is a business.  To approach it otherwise is the equivalent of participating in a very expensive hobby.  Performance both on and off the track are equally important.  Without a well thought out, informed plan engineered by industry insiders with an up to date, clear picture of the ever-evolving industry of racing, drivers are, in essence, contributing to their own career sabotage.


Drivers are conditioned and fueled by a desire to win on the track yet most lack a full understanding of the business side of racing which will ultimately determine their longevity. It is our sincere goal to take the stress out of planning for our clients.  We collaborate and develop a plan to bring their dreams and efforts flawlessly into alignment with a career path that is realistic and attainable.


If you have poured enormous amounts of energy and untold finances into efforts to simply show up and compete in the current race yet find yourself asking “how and when do I take the next step” you aren’t alone.  Unfortunately the path is arduous and tests your dreams, commitment and resources.  Mistakes and missteps are costly and have derailed many promising careers.


What sets noteworthy, successful drivers apart from their peers through the years is not solely skill level or talent.  Drivers who enjoy notoriety, recognition, accolades, and financial success have a common thread.  They have a comprehensive plan and have adjusted their plan as the industry has evolved.  They have worked their plan with precision under the guidance of professionals who take the short and long term vision and determine the necessary steps to arrive and remain in the upper echelon of the sport.


We can’t promise that by working with us you will automatically win more races; we can’t say that you won’t experience disappointments.  What we are here to promise is that we can help you race smarter, more cost efficiently and that your every step will be more confidently in the direction of your career goals. We integrate the business side of racing into your paradigm.  We give you the perspective that may have been missing throughout your career and if so, has undoubtedly been a very real hurdle whether perceived or not.


It costs nothing to have a conversation.  Continuing to race the same way week after week, expecting different results is a clear sign that we may bring much needed guidance to your team.

Our Services

Our Services

Hype Motorsports Management combines career management services with cutting edge brand management and marketing techniques to put your career on the right track.

Career Path Management

Your goals and how to best achieve them are paramount as we formulate the best plan for moving your career forward.  Your plan will be structured based upon our evaluation of your unique needs.  Our collaborative approach considers input from your team alongside industry professionals.

Website Development

Our in-house design team can design your website from scratch or perfect an existing website to better represent your brand and give fans the ultimate experience learning more about you.  Let us elevate your brand’s digital presence through design and SEO.

Sponsorship Acquisition

An intimidating aspect of racing can be instantly tamed once the process is simplified and better understood.  The good news is that the same knowledge base can be carried throughout every level of racing.  We’re here to help you understand and grow confident in your ability to secure sponsorships.

Public Relations 

Image is particularly important as you grow your brand.  Likewise, potential sponsors look for well- spoken ambassadors to represent their brands.  We can help you become more comfortable in front of a camera and at live PR events, interacting with fans and media alike.

Media Solutions and Social Media Management

Our digital marketing professionals can design and manage customized content for all of your social media platforms.  From development to implementation, our ability to help strategically grow your brand through these platforms can be an invaluable asset.

Ready to find out more?

If you're ready to take your racing career to the next level, contact Hype today to learn more about how our career management and marketing services can help you.

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